Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ffesaunte Rosted

15th century cookbooks
 Ab. 1420 A.D.

Ffesaunte Rosted

—Lete a ffesaunte blode in þe mouthe as a crane, And lete him blede to dethe; puƚƚ him dry, kutte awey his hede and the necke by þe body, and the legges by the kne, and putte þe kneys in at the vente, and roste him: his sauce is Sugur and mustard.

Modern English

Roasted Pheasant

—Let a pheasant bleed from the mouth as a crane, and let him bleed to death; pat him dry, cut away his head and the neck by the body, and the legs by the knee, and put the knees in at the vent (opening at the rear), and roast him: his sauce is sugar and mustard.

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