Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Make Payn Pardieu

A Noble boke off cookry...
late 15th century

To Make Payn Pardieu

—To mak payn pardieu tak paynmayne for freshe bred and paire away the cruste cutte them in schyues and fry them alitill in clarified butter then tak yolks of eggs drawe throughe a strene as hot as ye may and lay the bred ther in and turn it therin that they be coueryd in batter and serve it and straw on sugur enowghe.

Modern English

To Make Payn Pardieu

—To make payn pardieu take white bread as your fresh bread and cut away the crust and cut it in slices and fry them a little in clarified butter, then take egg yolks and draw them through a strene (may mean strainer in this instance) as hot as you may and lay the bread therein and turn it therein so that it is covered in batter and serve it and strew on enough sugar.

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