Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Troute boyled

15th century cookbook
Ab. 1420 A.D.

Troute boyled
-Take a troute, and nape him; And make faire sauce of water, parcely, and salt, and whan̄ hit bigynnetℏ to boile, skeme hit clene; and drawe him in þe bely; and if þou wilt haue him rounde, kut him in þe bakke in two or þre places, but noȝt þorgℏ, And drawe him in þe sket*. [Douce MS. skoch. ] next the hede, as thou doest a rounde pike; and þe sauce is verge sauce; or eƚƚes setℏ þe pouche as þe dost þe pouche of a pike, and myce hem witℏ þe grauey, and pouder of ginger; and serue him forth colde, and cast þe foiles of parcelly, y-wet in vinegre, on̄ him in a dissℏ.

Modern English

Boiled Trout
-Take a trout, and cut him at the nape; and make a fair sauce of water, parsley, and salt, and when if begins to boil, skim it clean; and draw him in the belly; and if you will have him round, cut him in the back in two or three places, but not through, and draw him in the cut next to the head, as one does with a round pike; and the sauce is verge sauce; or else boil the (stomach) as you do with the (stomach) of a pike, and mince him with the gravy, and powdered ginger; and serve him forth cold, and cast the leaves of parsley, wetted/soaked in vinegar, on him in a dish.

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