Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cawdel of Samoun

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Forme of Cury (by Samuel Pegge)
original text from about A.D. 1390

Cawdel of Samoun
-Take the guttes of Samoun and make hem clene. perboile hem a lytell. take hem up and dyce hem. slyt the white of Lekes and kerue hem smale. cole the broth and do the lekes þerinne with oile and lat it boile togyd yfere. do the Samoun icorne þerin, make a lyour of Almaundes mylke & of brede & cast þerto spices, safroun and salt, seeþ it wel. and loke þat it be not stondyng.

Modern English

Caudel of Salmon
-Take the guts of salmon and make him clean. (clean the salmon). Parboil him a little. Take him up and dice him. Slit the white of Leeks and carve(slice) them small. Cool the broth and put the leeks therein with oil and let it boil together. Add the carved Salmon therein, make a (thickened) sauce of Almond milk and of bread and cast in saffron and salt and boil it will and look that it not be too thick.

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