Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For to make Fruturs

Ancient cookery
(forme of cury)
A.D. 1381.

For to make Fruturs
—Tak crommys of wyte bred and the flowris of the swete Appyltre and zolkys of Eggys and bray hem togedere in a morter and temper yt up wyth wyte wyn and mak yt to sethe and wan yt is thykke do thereto god spicis of gyngener galyngale canel and clowys gelosre and serve yt forth

Modern English

To make Fritters
—Take crumbs of of white bread and the flowers of the sweet appletree and egg yolks and bray(chop) them together in a mortar and temper it up with white wine and boil it until thick, add ginger, galangal, cinnamon and cloves and serve it forth.

Note: though there are references to these being gillyflowers within the 15th century, there is also evidence that these could be simply cloves and not the flowers named after them, however, both the flower and the spice were used in cookery.

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