Monday, May 10, 2010

A Potage on Fysshday

Two 15th century cookbooks
Ab. 1420 A.D.

A Potage on Fysshday

—Take an Make a styf Poshote of Milke an Ale; þan take & draw þe croddys þorw a straynoure wyth whyte Swete Wyne, or ellys Rochelle Wyne, & make it sum-what rennyng an sum-what stondyng, & put Sugre a gode quantyte þer-to, or hony, but nowt to moche; þan hete it a lytil, & serue it forth al a-brode in þe dysshys; an straw on Canel, & Gyngere, and ȝif þou [supplied by ed.] haue Blank powder, straw on and kepe it as whyte as yt may be, & þan serue forth.

Modern English

A Pottage on Fishday

—Take and make a stiff Posset of milk and ale; then take a bring the curds through a strainer with white sweet wine, or else Rochelle wine (a French wine), and make it somewhat runny and somewhat thick, and put a good quantity of sugar therein, or honey, but not too much; then heat it a little and serve it forth all abroad in the dishes; and strew on cinnamon and ginger, and if you have (some) white powder. Strew on (the white powder) and keep it as white as it may be and then serve it forth.

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