Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sauce newe for malardis

15th century cookbook, Ashmole MS. 1439. sauces

Sauce newe for malardis

—Take brede, and blode y-boilid, and grynde it to-gedere, and draw þurw a cloþ withe vynegre; do þer-to poudre gyngere, and piper, and þe grece of the malarde; salt̘ it̘ and boile, and melle it forthe.

Modern English

New sauce for mallards (duck)

—Take bread, and boiled blood, and grind it together, and draw through a cloth with vinegar; put thereto powdered ginger, and pepper, and the grease of the mallard; salt it and boil, and [mess/serve] it forth.

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