Monday, October 10, 2011


15th century cookbook
Ab. 1420 A.D.


—Take fayre Tansye, & grynd in a morter; þanne take Eyroun, þe ȝolkys & þe whyte, & strayne hem þorw a straynoure; & strayne also þe Ius of þe Tansye, & melle to-gederes; & take fayre Freysche grece, & put þer-on ouer þe fyre, tylle it melte; þan caste þe stuf þer-on, & gadere to-gedere with a Sawcer or a dysshe, as þou wolt it, lasse oþer more, & turne it in þe panne; & þan serue it forth.

Modern English

Tansy (a tansy omelet)

—Take fair Tansy, and grind in a mortar, then take eggs, the yolks and the white, and strain them through a strainer; and strain also the juice of the Tansy, and [stir] together; and take fair fresh grease, and put thereon over the fire, till it melt; then cast the stuff thereon, and gather together with a saucer or a dish, as you would have it, less other more [less or more?], and turn it in the pan; andserve it forth.

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