Monday, February 15, 2010

Chickens with the bruesse

Transcription from:HARLEIAN MS. 279, ab. 1420 A.D.

Schyconys with þe bruesse
Take halfe a dosyn Chykonys, & putte hem in-to a potte; þen putte þer-to a gode gobet of freysshe Beef, & lat hem boyle wyl; putte þer-to Percely, Sawge leuys, Sauerey, noȝt to smal hakkyd; putte þer-to Safroun y-now; þen kytte þin Brewes, & skalde hem with þe same broþe; Salt it wyl; & but þou haue Beef, take Motoun, but fyrste Stuffe þin chekons in þis wyse: take & seþe hard Eyroun, & take þe ȝolkys & choppe hem smal, & choppe þer-to Clowys, Maces, Hole Pepir, & Stuffe þin chekonys with-al; Also put hole gobettys & marye with ynne; Also þen dresse hem as a pertryche, & fayre coloure hem, & ley vppe-on þis browes, & serue in with Bakoun.

Modern English

Chickens with the bruesse
Take a dozen chickens and put them into a pot; then put thereto a good bit [gobbet- small piece] of fresh Beef and let him boil well; put thereto Parsley, sage leaves, savoury, not hacked too small; put thereto enough saffron; then cut thin Brewes [thin strips of bread prepared by soaking in broth], and scald them with the
same broth; Salt it well and but thou have beef, take mutton, but first stuff your chickens in this manner: take and seethe eggs hard [hard boil the eggs] and take the yolks and chop them small and chop thereto cloves, mace, whole pepper and stuff your chickens with this; Also put whole pieces and marry within; Also then dress him as a partridge and colour him fair and lay up on his browes [see: Brewes] and serve him with Bacon.

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