Sunday, March 21, 2010

Capon or goos roste

A Noble boke off cookry...
late 15th century

Capon or goos roste
To rost capon or gose tak and drawe his leuer and his guttes at the vent and his grece at the gorge and tak the leef of grece parsly ysope rosemarye and ij lengs of saige and put to the grece and hew it smale and hew yolks of eggs cromed raissins of corans good poudurs saffron and salt melled to gedure and sers the capon there withe and broche hym and let hym be stanche at the vent and at the gorge that the stuffer go not out and rost hym long with a soking fyre and kep the grece that fallithe to baist hym and kepe hym moist till ye serve hym and sauce hym with wyne and guingere as capons be.

Modern English

 Roast Capon or Goose
To roast capon or goose, take and draw his liver and his guts at the vent and his grease at the gorge and take the leaf (the leaves) of [unsure of meaning for "grece" here], parsley, hyssop, rosemary and two lengths of sage and add this to the grease and chop it small and chop egg yolks crumbed (or crumbs), currants, good powders (spices), saffron and salt mixed/married together and (stuff?) the capon therewith and spit him and close him up at each end so that the stuffing does not fall out, and roast him long with a soaking fire and keep the grease that falls (from the roasting bird) to baste him and keep him moist till you serve him and sauce him with wine and ginger as capons are.

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