Thursday, March 4, 2010


15th century cookbook I
Ab. 1420 A.D.


—Take Fygys & Roysonys, & grynd hem in a Mortere, & tempere hem vppe with Almaunde Mylke, & draw hem þorw a cloþe; þen take gode Spycys, & caste þer-to; take Perys, seþe hem & pare hem, & do a-way þe core, & bray hem in a mortere, & caste to þe oþer; take gode Wyne, & Blake Sugre or Hony, & caste þer-to a lytil, & let it boyle in fere; & whan þow dressyst yn, take Maces & Clowes, Quybibys & Graynys, & caste a-boue.

Modern English


—Take figs and raisins and grind them in a mortar, and temper them up with almond milk and draw them through a cloth; then take good spices and cast thereto (add the spices to the liquid that was strained through the cloth); take pears, boil and pare them, and do away with the cores and bray them (crush them) in a mortar and add to the liquid; take good wine and white sugar or honey and cast thereto a little (add a little of these ingredients), and let it boil in fear [boil carefully, this seems to make the most sense here]; and when you dress it in (prepare it), take mace, cloves, cubebs and grains of paradise and caste (the spices) on top.

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