Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Payn pur-dew

15th century cookbook I
Ab. 1420 A.D.

Payn pur-dew

—Take fayre ȝolkys of Eyroun, & trye hem fro þe whyte, & draw hem þorw a straynoure, & take Salt and caste þer-to; þan take fayre brede, & kytte it as troundeȝ rounde; þan take fayre Boter þat is claryfiyd, or ellys fayre Freysshe grece, & putte it on a potte, & make it hote; þan take & wete wyl þin troundeȝ in þe ȝolkys, & putte hem in þe panne, an so frye hem vppe; but ware of cleuyng to the panne; & whan it is fryid, ley hem on a dysshe, & ley Sugre y-nowe þer-on, & þanne serue it forth.

Modern english

Payn pur-dew

—Take egg yolks and separate them from the white and draw (run) them through a stainer, and cast in salt; then take bread and cut it in rounds (slice the loaf thinly); then take clarified butter, or else grease, and heat it in a pot; then take and wet the bread slices with the yolks and put them in a pan and fry them up; beware that they do not cling (stick) to the pan; and when it is fried, lay them on a dish and lay enough sugar thereon, and then serve it forth.

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