Sunday, March 21, 2010


15th century cookbook
Ab. 1420 A.D.


—Take faire Tansey, and grinde it in a morter; And take eyren̄, yolkes and white, And drawe hem thorgℏ a streynour, and streyne also þe Iuse of þe Tansey thorgℏ a streynour; and medle the egges and the Iuse togidre; And take faire grece, and cast hit in a pan̄, and sette ouer þe fyre til hit mylte; and caste þe stuffe thereon̄, and gader hit togidre witℏ a sawcer or a dissℏ, as þou wilt haue hit more or lasse; And turne hit in þe panne onys or twies, And so serue it forth hote, yleched.

Modern English


—Take fair Tansy, and grind it in a mortar; and take eggs, yolks and whites, and draw them through a strainer, and strain the juice of the Tansy through a strainer as well; and meddle (mix) the eggs and the juice together; And take fair grease, and cast it in a pan, and set it over the fire till it (the grease) melts; and cast the stuff thereon (into the fat) and gather it together with a saucer or a dish, as you will have it more or less; and turn it in the pan once or twice, and so serve it forth hot and sliced.  

(think of this like an omelet made with tansy but eat with caution)

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