Friday, April 23, 2010

Whyte Wortes

Two 15th century cookbooks
Ab. 1420 A.D.

Whyte Wortes
—Take of þe erbys lyke as þou dede for jouutes, and sethe hem in water tyl þey ben neyshe; þanne take hem vp, an bryse hem fayre on a bord, as drye as þow may; þan choppe hem smale, an caste hem on a potte, an ley hem with flowre of Rys; take mylke of almaundys, an cast þer-to, & hony, nowt to moche, þat it be nowt to swete, an safron & salt; an serue it forth ynne, ryȝth for a good potage.

Modern English

White Worts (herbs/vegetables)
—Take the herbs as you did for Joutes and boil them in water until they are softened; then take them up from the liquid and bruise them on a board (having the water/juices run out) and then chop them finely and cast them into a pot with rice flour, almond milk and just enough honey (making sure that it isn't too sweet), and saffron and salt. Serve it forth as for a good pottage.

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