Friday, May 14, 2010

Sauce for a gos

Two 15th century cookbooks
Ab. 1420 A.D.

Sauce for a gos

—Take percelye, grapis, clowes of garleke, and salte, and put̘ it in þe goos, and lete roste. And whanne þe goos is y-now, schake out̘ þat̘ is wiþ-in, and put al in a mortre, and do þer-to .iij. harde ȝolkes of̘ egges; and grynd al to-gedre, and tempre it̘ vp wiþ verious, and caste it̘ upon the goos in a faire chargeour, & so serue it̘ forth.

Modern English

Sauce for a Goose

—Take parsley, grapes, garlic cloves, and salt, and put it in the goose, and let it roast. When when the goose (cooked) enough, shake out the stuffing and put it all in a mortar and add 3 hard egg yolks; and grind this all together, and temper it with verjuice, and cast this upon the goose on a charger(platter), and so serve it forth.

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