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Two 15th century cookbooks
Ab. 1420 A.D.


—Take gode mylke of Almaundys y-drawe with wyne; take porke an hew it Smalle; do it on a Morter, and grynde it ryth smalle; þen caste it in þe same Mylke, & caste it on a potte; take Sawnderys & flowre of Rys; melle hem with þe Mylke, draw hem þorw a straynoure, & caste it in a clene pot, loke þat it be chargeaunt y-now; take Sugre, an putte þer-on, & Hony; do it ouer þe fyre, & let it sethe a gret whyle; sture yt wyl; take Eyroun hard y-soþe, take þe whyte, & hew hem as smalle as þow myȝth, caste hem on þe potte; take Safroune & caste þer-to, with powder Gyngere, Canelle, Galyngale, Clowys, & loke þat þou haue powder y-now; caste it in þe potte, temper it with Vynegre; take Salt & do þer-to, menge hem wylle to-gederys, Make a Siryppe; þe .ij. dele schalle ben wyne, & þe .ij. dele Sugre or hony; boyle it & stere it, & Skeme it clene; þer-on wete þin dyssches, & serue forth.

Modern English


—Take good Almond milk made with wine; take pork and chop it small; put this in a mortar and grind it very small; then cast it into a pot with the almond milk; take saunders and rice flour and mix this with the Almond milk then draw it through a strainer into a clean pot and make sure that it is heavy/thick enough. Add sugar and honey as it cooks and stir as it cooks (boil- cook on the stove top) for a great while. Take hard boiled eggs and chop the whites finely and cast them into the pot; add to this, saffron and powdered ginger, cinnamon, galangal, cloves making sure you have enough powder (referring to the amount of spices?). Temper this with vinegar, add salt and then mix all this well together. Make a syrup of 2 parts wine to two parts sugar or honey and boil and stir it and skim it clean; and wet the dishes thinly with this and serve it forth.

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