Sunday, June 13, 2010


Two 15th century cookbooks
Ab. 1420 A.D.


—Take Strawberys, & waysshe hem in tyme of ȝere in gode red wyne; þan strayne þorwe a cloþe, & do hem in a potte with gode Almaunde mylke, a-lay it with Amyndoun oþer with þe flowre of Rys, & make it chargeaunt and lat it boyle, and do þer-in Roysonys of coraunce, Safroun, Pepir, Sugre grete plente, pouder Gyngere, Canel, Galyngale; poynte it with Vynegre, & a lytil whyte grece put þer-to; coloure it with Alkenade, & droppe it a-bowte, plante it with þe graynys of Pome-garnad, & þan serue it forth.

Modern English


—Take strawberries and wash them in time of year (season) in good red wine; then stain through a cloth, and add them to a pot with good almond milk, mix (bind) it with starch other than rice flour, and make it thick and let it boil, and add to this currants, saffron, pepper, plenty of sugar, powdered ginger, cinnamon, galangal; sharpen it (the flavour) with vinegar and add a little white grease; colour it with alkanet, and drop it about (spooned out in portions), plant it with the seed of a pomegranate and serve it forth.

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