Monday, October 10, 2011

Amendement of salt mete

15th century cookbook, LAUD MS. 553 (Bodleian library)
Ab. 1420 A.D.

Amendement of salt mete

—Tak a fare lynne clout / & do therynne a disshful of ote-mele, byne hit, & hange it in thy pot doun to ye boteme. Set it from ye fuyr & let hit kele / suththe set hit aȝen to ye fuyr / & drawe out thy clout & that is goude.

Modern English

an oatmeal dish to serve with salt meat

—Take a fair linen cloth and lay in a dishful of oatmeal, bind it [close it up], and hang it in your pot down to the bottom [and presuming the bag of oatmeal is filling the whole pot]. Set it from the fire and let it cool/ then [after this] set it again to the fire and draw out your cloth [remove from your cloth] and that it good.

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