Monday, October 10, 2011

For to make amydon̛

15th century cookbook, LAUD MS. 553 (Bodleian library)
Ab. 1420 A.D.

For to make amydon̛

—Nym whete at midsomer / & salt, & do it in a faire vessel / do water therto, that thy whete be yheled / let it stonde ix days & ix nyȝt, & eueryeday whess wel thy whete / & at ye ix days ende bray hit wel in a morter / & drie hit toȝenst ye sonne / do it in a faire vessel / & kouere hit fort, thou wil it note.

Modern English

a Wheat Starch

—Take wheat at midsummer and salt, and do it in a fair vessel/ put water therein, that the wheat be covered/ let it stand 9 days and 9 nights, and dry it [unsure of meaning for “toȝenst” but other versions/appearances for the word suggests that we are drying it under the sun] the sun/ put it in a fair vessel and cover it well, [until you use it].

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