Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gruelle a-forsydde

15th century cookbook
Ab. 1420 A.D.

Gruelle a-forsydde

—Take otemele, an grynd it smal, an sethe it wyl, an porke þer-ynne, an pulle of þe swerde. an pyke owt þe bonys, an þan hewe it, an grynd it smal in a morter; þan neme þin. grwel an do þer-to, þan strayne it þorw a straynour, an put it in a potte an sethe it a lytel, an salt it euene; an colour it wyth safroun, an serue forth rennyng.

Modern English

Forced Gruel

—Take oatmeal, and grind it small, and boil it well, and pork therein, and pull off the rind [the word should have been “sward” rather than “swerd” which is sword] and pick out the bones, and then chop it, and grind it small in a mortar; then take thin grewel and [add this to it], then strain it through a strainer, and put it in a pot and boil [simmer] it a little, and salt it even; and colour it with saffron, and serve forth “running” [as in a stream/not thick/runny]

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