Sunday, October 9, 2011

Venyson with Furmenty

15th century cookbook
Ab. 1420 A.D.

Venyson with Furmenty

—Take whete and pyke it clene, and do it in a morter, an caste a lytel water þer-on; an stampe with a pestel tyl it hole; þan fan owt þe holys, an put it in a potte, an let sethe tyl it breke; þan set yt douun, an sone after set it ouer þe fyre, an stere it wyl; an whan þow hast sothyn it wyl, put þer-inne swete mylke, an seþe it y-fere, an stere it wyl; and whan it is y-now, coloure it wyth safron, an salt it euene, and dresse it forth, & þin venyson in a-nother dyshe with fayre hot water.

Modern English

Venison with Frumenty

—Take wheat and pick it clean, and [put] it in a mortar, and cast a little water therein; and stamp [edited typo on my part] with a pestle till it hulls; then fan out the hulls, [hulls being lighter can be removed with the use of air/wind] and put it [them] in a pot, and let it cook [in water] until they break [burst]; then set it down [take off the heat], and soon after set it over the fire, and stir it a while; and when it has softened it will; and when it is enough, [when it has softened enough] colour it with saffron, and salt it even, and dress it forth, and thin [?] venison in another dish with good hot water.

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