Sunday, October 9, 2011


15th century cookbook
Ab. 1420 A.D.


—Take fayre Mylke an Flowre, an drawe it þorw a straynoure, an set it ouer þe fyre, an let it boyle a-whyle; þan take it owt an let it kele; þan take ȝolkys of eyroun y-draw þorwe a straynour, an caste þer-to; þan take sugre a gode quantyte, and caste þer-to, an a lytil salt, an sette it on þe fyre tyl it be sum-what þikke, but let it nowt boyle fullyche, an stere it wyl, an putte it on a dysshe alle a-brode, and serue forth rennyng.

Modern English

Papyns (A Custard)

—Take good milk and flour, and draw it [them] through a strainer, and set it over the fire, and let it boil a while; then take it out and let it cool, then take yolks of eggs and draw through a strainer, and cast therein; then take a good quantity of sugar, and cast therein, and a little salt, and set it on the fire till it be somewhat thick, but let it not boil up [rise up], and stir it well, and put it on a dish all abroad, and serve forth running [not thick].

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