Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pygges in sauce

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Forme of Cury (by Samuel Pegge)
original text from about A.D. 1390

Pygges in sauce

—Tak pygges y scaldid & quarter hem & seeth hem in water & salt, tak hem up & lete hem kele, tak persel, sauge, & grynde hit with brede & yolkrd of ayroun hard y sode, temper it up with vynegur somwhat thicke, & lay the pigges in a vessel & the sew onoward and serve hit forth.

Modern English

Pigs in Sauce

—Take scalded pigs and quarter them and boil them in water and salt, take them out and let them cool, take parsley, sage and grind it with bread and hard boiled egg yolks, temper it up with vinegar (making it) somewhat thick, and lay the pigs in a vessel and the broth over it and serve it forth.

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