Monday, October 10, 2011


15th century cookbook, LAUD MS. 553 (Bodleian library)
Ab. 1420 A.D.


—Nym luyss or tenge, or other manere fissh / frye hit in oille de olyue; nym crostes of whyt bred, resons, & canele, bray hit, tempre it vp with good wyn, drawe it thorw a colonur / let hit be al ycoloured with canele, boille hit, cast therto clous, maces, and quibibes, do thi fissh in thi disshes, & thi rape aboue, messe hit, & ȝif forth.

Modern English

—Take pike or tench, or other manner of fish/ fry it in olive oil; take crusts of white bread, raisins and cinnamon, crush it, temper it up with good wine, draw it through a colander (strainer)/ let it be al coloured with cinnamon, boil it, cast therein cloves, mace, and cubibs, put the fish in the dishes, and the rape (though rapes are a turnips, this is likely in reference to the sauce) above, dish it and [serve/give] it forth.

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