Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sauce camelyne

15th century cookbook, Ashmole MS. 1439. sauces

Sauce camelyne

— Take faire brede, and cut̘ it̘, and toste it; and take vynegre and wyne, and stepe hit̘ þer-in, and draw it þurwe a straynour wiþ poudre canel, and draw it .ij. or .iij. tymes, til it be smothe. And þanne take poudre ginger, sugre, and poudre of clowes, and cast þer-to. And loke þat̘ it̘ stonde wil by clowes, & by sugre; and þanne put̘ þer-to a litil safroune, and salt, and serue hit forþ þicke y-nowe.

Modern English

—Take good bread, and cut it, and toast it; and take vinegar and wine, and steep it therein, and draw it through a strainer with powdered cinnamon, and draw it 2 or 3 times, till it be smooth. And then take powdered ginger, sugar, and powdered cloves, and cast it thereto. And look [make sure] that it stand well by cloves, and by sugar [likely meaning that is spiced and sweetened enough]; and then put thereto a little saffron, and salt, and serve it forth thick enough.

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