Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sauce rous

15th century cookbook, Ashmole MS. 1439. sauces

Sauce rous

—Take brede, and broyl it vpon þe colous, and make it broune, and ley hit̘ in vynegre, and lete it̘ stepe; and þanne take piper, canel and notemyggeȝ, and a fewe of clowes, and cast̘ it̘ to-gedre in-to a mortre; and take þe brede out̘ of þe vynegre, and bray þer-wyþ. And whanne it̘ is y-brayd y-now, tempre it̘ wytℏ wyne and vinegre, and draw it̘ þurgℏ a straynour as þou woldiste galyntyne.

Modern English

Roe Deer Sauce

—Take bread, and broil it upon coals, and make it brown, and lay it in vinegar, and let it steep; and then take pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg, and a few of cloves, and cast it together into a mortar; and take the bread out of the vinegar, and crush therewith. And when it is crushed enough, temper it with wine and vinegar, and draw it through a strainer as you would with galantine.

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