Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sauce for stokefysshe

15th century cookbook, Ashmole MS. 1439. sauces

Sauce for stokefysshe

—Take faire broþe of elys, oþer of pyke, or els of̘ freysshe Samon, and strayne it þurwe a straynour: and take faire percely, and hewe it̘ smal, and put þe broþe and þe percele in-to a faire erþyn vessel; and put þer-to poudre gingere, and a litil verious, & lete boile to-gedre. And þanne take faire sode stockefysche, and ley it in faire hote watre: and whanne þou wilt serue it forþe, take þe fysshe fro þe watre, and ley it in a clene disshe; & cast þe sauce al hote þer-on, and serue it forth.

Modern English

Sauce for Stockfish

—Take fair broth of eels, other of pike, or else of fresh Salmon, and strain it through a strainer: and take good parsley, and chop it small, and put the broth and the parsley into a good earthen vessel; and put thereto powdered ginger, and a little verjuice, and let boil together. And then take fair [boiled/ cooked in water] stockfish, and lay it in good hot water: and when you will serve it forth, take the fish from the water, and lay it in a clean dish; and cast the sauce all hot thereon, and serve it forth.

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