Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sauce for stokfysshe in an-other maner

15th century cookbook, Ashmole MS. 1439. sauces

Sauce for stokefysshe

—Take curnylles of walnotys, and clouys of garleke, and piper, brede, and salt̘, and caste al in a morter; and grynde it smal, & tempre it̘ up wiþ þe same broþe þat̘ þe fysshe was sode in, and serue it̘ forþe.

Modern English

Sauce for Stockfish in another manner

—Take kernels of walnuts, and cloves of garlic, and pepper, bread, and salt, and cast all in a mortar; and grind it small, and temper it up with the same broth that the fish was boiled in, and cerve it forth.

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