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Lange Wortes de pesoun

15th century Book I
Ab. 1420 A.D.

Lange Wortes de pesoun

—Take grene pesyn, an washe hem clene an caste hem on a potte, an boyle hem tyl þey breste, an þanne take hem vppe of þe potte, an put hem with brothe yn a-noþer potte, and lete hem kele; þan draw hem þorw a straynowre in-to a fayre potte, an þan take oynonys, and screde hem in to or þre, an take hole wortys and boyle hem in fayre water: and take hem vppe, an ley hem on a fayre bord, an cytte on .iij. or iiij., an ley hem to þe oynonys in þe potte, to þe drawyd pesyn; an let hem boyle tyl þey ben tendyr; an þanne tak fayre oyle and frye hem, or ellys sum fresche broþe of sum maner fresche fysshe, an caste þer-to, an Safron, an salt a quantyte, and serue it forth.

Modern English

Long Worts with peas

--Take green peas, and wash them clean and cast then in a pot, and boil them till they burst, and then take them (out) of the pot, and put them with broth in another pot, and let them cool then draw them through a stainer into a good pot, and then take onions, and chop them into two or three, and take whole worts[vegetable/herbs] and boil them in good water: and take them up, and lay then on a good board, and lay on 3 or 4 (3 or 4 of the herbs), and lay them to[put them with] the onions in the pot, to the drawn [strained] peas; and let them boil till they are tender; and then take good oil and fry them, or else some manner (of) fresh fish, and cast thereto, and saffron, and a quantity of salt, and serve it forth.

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