Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple moys

15th century cookbook, LAUD MS. 553 (Bodleian library)
Ab. 1420 A.D.

Apple moys

—Nym appeles, seth hem, let hem kele, frete hem thorwe an her syue: cast it on a pot / & on a fless day cast therto goud fat broth of bef, & white grese, sugur & safron̛, & on fissh days almand mylke, & oille de oliue, & sugur, & safron̛: boille hit, messe hit, cast aboue good poudre, & ȝif forth.

Modern English

—Take apples, boil them, let them cool, [push] them through a sieve: cast it on a pot/ and on a flesh day cast therein fat broth of beef, and white grease, sugar, and saffron, and on a fish days almond milk, and olive oil, and sugar, and saffron: boil it, dish it, case above good powder [spices], and [give/serve] it forth.

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